Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tenth Session: November 20, 2008

Introducing: Jilly - pyrokineticist, Cabal, cousin of Trisha and Alicia

Sunday night,
Exiting the building, the trio present ran into Jilly. Kazi picked up pretty readily that she was heavy on the essence, and they conversed - awkwardly. Jill noticed a car coming and it proved to be campus security. She and Kazi hid while Kachiko played with them a bit. After they left, objected started being tossed out of the window. Kachiko dodged a dresser and flew up to peek in and see Jonathan Zee leaving the room. They group decided to leave at that point.
They came across Kaigen, warning him of the dead man and calling Bobby to fill him in. Kachiko went off to talk to Fitch about the situation. They came up with the plan to bury Zee's remains in boxes and buried in concrete. Jilly went home.

Kachiko showed up at Kaigen's with boxes. After discussing the plan to tackle Jonathan, the group decided to return to the burned dorm as a start. The dorm was surrounded by police - apparently the cops that came by the night before were killed with multiple knife wounds. Bobby sensed a darkness in their room and talk led to a possible plan to re-ignite the building as a cover. Bobby went in with Kachiko carried. Instead of finding Jonathan, he saw the heads of the two security guards on the bedposts. At Bobby's asking, the heads replied verbally in Jonathan's voice, inviting him to meet at the Grey City. Jilly failed to incinerate the heads... twice. Kazi took a shot with an invocation... and missed. A series of failure left the bathroom in flames and Jilly singed. Kachiko TK'd one of the heads into the burning bathroom, fed up with the misses.
The group left. Quickly.
After some discussion, the group decided NOT to pursue Jonathan to the Grey City. Instead, they met Dimiter at the Babylon and she agreed to take them to the Bast City and possibly the Wasteland to check on the key and the condition of the prison there in exchange for some catnip. Dimiter arranged a meeting with the Queen, proving to be her daughter. It turned out, however, that the key fragment was stolen.
So, with the Queen, they were off to the prison site in the Wasteland. The crystal prison, however, was broken - another part of Tristanian freed. Queen Bast sent the group to the Library of Alexandria in a shallow, saying to speak with Ester and show a token given them to gain knowledge of binding Tristanian from the perspective of those who fought him before.
Ester, a woman in a business suit, showed up, accepted the token, and agreed to help - taking them along to show them things. Kachiko eagerly picked up a library card, even though it did require agreeing not to reveal the existence or location of the library. Others got cards as well.

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