Friday, November 7, 2008

Ninth Session: October 23, 2008

Bobby woke with a start, having a small, coon-sized kirin - coppery-gold with bright blue eyes, and talking. He introduced himself as Yali, claiming to have been sent by his mother as a messenger and offered to provide transporation at times. He managed a good impression of a racing bike. Bobby tested the speed, making sure Yali could go ridiculously fact, outracing a police car easily.
Kachiko sized up Yali outside JT's, but didn't immediately reply to him. Going in, JT said he had a price in mind for guiding into the Seelie Court - retrieval of 13 cursed items that have to have their curses removed. After some discussion, Bobby starting bartering with offering to find seven items with the possibility of the other six. After a few more minutes, it was agreed that the items would be found after dealing with Tristanian in exchange for JT's assistance in the quest as well. Yali came in and joined to go. JT gave "Green Man" tokens to each as symbols of his protection.
JT took the group, passing through a doorway into a forest. He gave a quick rundown on social etiquette. After a little time, the group was led to a crystalline feudal city to meet the court of Oberron and Titania. Only Titania was present, but she accepted the group to speak with her. Kachiko yipped unhelpfully (but amusingly), and Bobby started in on the actual discussion about Tristanian. Titania was fairly sure the demon-part was secure, but escorted them to see first-hand. She referred to Earth as Markuth and assured that the dark essence-sink of sorts in the cell, seemingly secure. So Kachiko and Bobby gave warning of the future.
Other pieces according to Titania: 2 in the realms of the dead, 1 in the dream realm (probably in the wastelands where nobody goes), at least 1 other piece that she doesn't know about. Upon prompting, Titania described Tristanian as something of a "demi-Mad God" that was the result of a Mad God centuries ago interbreeding with a human. She also mentioned three books of power that are connected with Tristanian.
After returning and discussing, it was pointed out people can travel to the realms by other means, but the Keys allowed the opening of the prisons of Tristanian's pieces. The group also realized it was Sunday upon their return.

The group reached the college, but the Professors room had burned, his demise said to be "spontaneous human combustion." The book was missing and it appeared a pyrokineticist was responsible. Kachiko grasped at the possibility of necromancy with either the foot or the location of death. Kazi spoke up that he had a small measure of necromancy.
So they stepped back into the office and Kazi settled in to try to call the Professor's spirit to speak through his body. The ghost was called forth and appeared visibly to all instead. He had sent some further information to Damyun about binding items (about 40 items) and mentioned some books at his home that might be of use, but didn't know anything of how he died or what happened right before.
Next the group hurried over to the Professor's house. Disks and books were retrieved. Andrea, from Paladin, gave the information that three pre-teens (two boys and a girl) had been ritually sacrificed Saturday night. She also mentioned the body of Jonathan Zee disappeared and another of the books was stolen from a private collection in Chicago. There are two known prospects for the other book - one in Ontario and one in Florida somewhere.
The group then ventured off to the parks to look for Jonathan Zee. News came that the kids were sacrificed out of town at the "Old Hollensworth Homestead." They followed a trace of Zee's essence into the burned dorms. They reached the old dorm room and found Zee searching through drawers. He turned back and said "Ah, so there you are," before hostilities began.
Kachiko failed to grasp him with her telekinesis, Damyun waited, then Zee attacked Bobby - stabbing him with a scalpel and crippling his left leg. Damyun then attacked, missing Zee with a knife as Bobby swung with a dragon strike, hitting Zee in the face. Kazi's soulfire hit, followed by a TK-kick from Kachiko. Zee lunged again, Bobby parrying with katana this time, carving off Zee's hand. Damyun stabbed him, Bobby then held defensively. Kazi missed, Kachiko then held Zee immobile. Zee struggled, Damyun missed, and Bobby sliced him good, cleaving his torso in half. Jonathan Zee died again.
Bobby healed himself as Kachiko held the body. After Kazi roasted the body with soulfire, Kachiko assisted with healing and everyone regrouped.
Luckily, Bobby hadn't been hit in the face. That would have "ruined his good looks" and "hurt his chances with hitting on the computer." ...

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